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  Hot Forging Press & Knuckle Joint Press  (No. 2339)
SENON Machinery Co., Ltd 2017-06-21 17:21:20
  Hydraulic open die forging press machine  (No. 2340)
China, Anyang Forging Press 2017-06-23 17:29:49
  Hot forging presses  (No. 2423)
mservise 2018-02-27 17:57:32
Hot Forging Press & Knuckle Joint Press (No. 2339)  2017-06-21 17:21:20
Username: SENON Machinery Co., Ltd
Capacity: 1000T, 1600T, 2500T, 4000T
Type: Hot forging presses and Knuckle Joint Presses
Brand: Japanese Brand (no Russian)
Quality: Customer plans to add more than 10 production lines.
Trade term: CIF Taiwan or CFR Taiwan
Please send by email with prices, photos, location, YOM and spec.

Hydraulic open die forging press machine (No. 2340)  2017-06-23 17:29:49
Username: China, Anyang Forging Press
We are forging equipment manufacturer in China, Y13 series hydraulic open die forging press machine is one of our main products, for more detail, please contact us feel free: whatsapp: +8618625862110

Hot forging presses (No. 2423)  2018-02-27 17:57:32
Username: mservise
Hello, Sir

Offer Press crank hot-stamping model K8542
Intended for production of forgings from ferrous and non-ferrous metals by hot stamping

Rated force, 1600 ton.
Slider stroke, mm 300
Distance between table and slider, mm 660
Distance between table and slider, mm 660
Main motor power kW 100
Table size width / length mm 940x1200
Dimensions of windows in the frame legs, mm
Height 600
Width 650
Distance between stands (in light), mm 1080
Table height at floor level 450
Dimensions of the machine Length Width Height (mm) 5060_3940_5125
Weight kg 120000

Condition: complete, in working condition, connected, can be checked in operation.
Location Russia

Price port St. Petersburg $95000USD
a lot of photos and videos, you can come to inspect the press.

Thanks & Best Regards.

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