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  Wanted CNC Bed type milling 5,000 x 800mm  (No. 2352)
MTOD 2017-08-27 16:38:46
Wanted CNC Bed type milling 5,000 x 800mm (No. 2352)  2017-08-27 16:38:46
Username: MTOD
Dear Colleagues,

CNC Bed type milling 5,000 x 800mm
CNC Universal head.
4th axis CNC Rotary table diameter 350mm with manual 3- jaw chuck ID 250mm with manual tailstock preferred
Brand names like Butler, Correa Anayak etc.

Some additional information
Our customer is having oilfield workshop and producing oil tools such as casing/tubing/cross over and valves.
They are having around 4000mm long pipe they want to do drilling/tapping/milling operations on it.
They also requires CNC 4th axis rotary table dia.350mm with 3 or 4 jaw manual chuck and chuck ID should be dia.254mm , sometimes there are some long pipes of OD. 254mm so, they can pass through chuck and manual tail stock for support at other end.
Spindle should be tilting to perform angular milling operations. I believe CNC bed type milling spindle comes with tilting head as standard.

Specifications Are Approximate Only, Intended Solely As A Guide, And Not Binding, offers subject to prior sales.

Joe Costall
Machine Tools On Demand
Tel: +66 (0) 924969248

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