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  CNC Plano milling machine  (No. 2430)
Poland 2018-03-26 19:12:19
CNC Plano milling machine (No. 2430)  2018-03-26 19:12:19
Username: Poland
We are looking for the below detailed machine.

In case you may offer us something please send me the offer for the below address.

CNC Plano milling machine

1. Rotary range 4000-6000rpm

2. Feed range

X- 10000mm
Y- 4000mm
Z- 1750mm

3. Table separated into two independent sections
each section of min 5000mm of lenght

4. Table capacity min 25T

5. CNC control in all axes
Preferable CNC SINUMERIK 840D or newer

6. The possibitily of additional axes

7. Angle attachment and extended CNC programmed
- right milling attachement (slide tip cover)
- extended right milling attachement min 500mm
- milling angle with smaller tip min 450mm
- constant milling angle attachement 90°
- adjustable milling angle +/- 90°
- milling angle with smaller tip min 450mm

8. Automatic tools feeder with ATC for min 60 pcs

9. position attachement with the accurancy min 10.

10. Cooling system - cooling through spindle outside and inside.

11. 3D measuring tip

12. chip conveyor

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