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[Model] AH 5000/500 MSG-4Q

[Year] 1999

direction right to left Coil Chair max. weight of coil: 5 to stroke: 500 mm movement: 1500 mm Decoiler design single reel max. sheet width: 500 mm max. weight of coil: 5 to max. diameter of coil:1800 mm expansion range from: 470 mm expansion range up to: 530 mm Leveller Unit max. sheet width: 500 mm max. sheet thickness: 12 mm no. of leveller rolls: 7 dia. of leveller rolls: 80 mm no of in-/outfeed rolls: 2 diameter of feed rolls: 80 mm feed velocity max.: 20 m/min Strip-Feeder feeder type: roll feeder max. sheet width 500 mm Electrical specifications total power: 28 kW mains voltage: 400 V mains frequency: 50 Hz


[Model] Rough Leveler

[Year] 2006

4Hi Leveler 6t x 1550w Rough Leveler Work Roll φ120 x 1800mm leng x 11 pcs(5/6pcs) Backup Roll φ122 x 150mm 3-RowsLine Direction: Left to Right Pinion Stand: Helical Gear Type Reducer AC Vector Motor 160kw 1800rpm







[Model] UBR 25x3150-7/16

[Year] 1980

Max width of sheet: 3200 mm Useful length of roll: 3400 mm Max thickness of metal sheet: 24-30 mm Max thickness of metal sheet by max length: 25 mm Min thickness of metal sheet by max length: 8 mm Max resistance by max size of metal sheet: 34 kP/mm2 Diameter of rolls: 270 mm Diameter of outgoing rolls: 320 mm 7 leveling rollers Leveling speed: 16 m/min 18 backup rolls Diameter of backup rolls: 268 mm Main drive: 85 kW Rotational speed: 990U/min Machine weight: 61250 kg


[Model] UBR 9x2500/1-16


Max. sheet width: 2500 mm Max. sheet thickness: 9 mm Min. sheet thickness: 6 mm Number of straightening rolls: 16 Straightening speed: 16 m/min Total power requirement: 30 kW


[Model] UBR 10x2000/1-16

[Year] 1991

Max sheet width: 2000 mm Sheet thickness: -Max: 10 mm -Min: 4 mm Straightening rolls: -Quantity: 13 units -Diameter: 140 mm Throughput speed: 16 m/min Center distance between rolls: 150 mm Main motor power: 30 kW Overall dimension: -Length: 5350 mm -Width: 2900 mm -Height: 2500 mm Total weight: 32 ton Machine wasn't used. Missed parts: main motor 2 top small motors control panel and electrical cabinet.

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