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1 ~ 16 of 16 POST




Origin: Germany






[Model]SOB 160


Origin: Poland Centre Height: 135mm Swing:270mm Between Centre: 1000mm





Capacity: φ6-200*200mm Grind S-200mm Internal spindle:15,000rpm    Swing φ600 Table S-500mm 8inch scroll chuck Work head angle: -5-30° 50-850rpm Variable Grinding tank with MG separator









3-jaw chuck size:φ230 Grindable hole diameter:φ10-200 Grindable hole length:200 Max workpiece length:400 Swing over table:φ540 Swing in the cover:300 Spindle turning speed:50-660(50Hz)60-800(60Hz)rpm Spindle hole through diameter:φ3 Table movement amount:480 CS specification




SELLER :Wongtanawoot





Grinding hole diameter:φ50~700 Max grinding length:600 Max workpiece grinding length:1500 Spindle swing:800 Spindle turning speed:10~150rpm







ID Grinding Dia:300mm Swing:640mm




Swing:400 chuck cover inner swing:360 distance between the chuck front and the spindle edge: Max 1139 Spindle taper:M.T.No.3 Internal grinding spindle rotation speed:9000rpm(50Hz) 12000rpm(60Hz) Spindle turning speed:20-300rpm Spindle base taper:M.T.No.5 Table diameter:1055 Spindle edge turning speed:3400rpm




Spindle turning speed:190,310,515,850,1400rpm Max movement amount of the table horizontal feed: manual 150mm auto 80mm Max turning angle of the table:±4.5° Auto table feeding speed(3 steps):110-2700mm/min Max movement amount of the wheel base to front & back:30mm Max turning angle of the wheel base:±90°


[Model]213 B 3 F


Internal diameter 100 mm Grinding depth 120 mm Swing diameter 260-400 mm Total power requirement 10 kW Machine weight about 3.8 t




Origin: Switzerland



[Model]SIP 315*500


internal diameter 315 mm grinding depth 500 mm swing diameter 500/600 mm max. bore diameter to be ground 315 mm smallest grindable bore dia. 30 mm grinding depth max. 500 mm stroke of the table 800 mm




Maximum bore to be corrected:315mm depth:500mm Max work dia:600mm Max of the table:800mm height:315mm

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