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Origin: Germany






[Model]SOB 160


Origin: Poland Centre Height: 135mm Swing:270mm Between Centre: 1000mm










Grinding hole diameter:φ6 to 200mm Grinding stroke:200 Swing on the table:φ600 Spindle rotation angle:-5° to 30° 50-850rpm Height from the bottom of the frame to the chuck:1110mm ✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, the actual product will prevail.




3-jaw chuck size:φ230 Grindable hole diameter:φ10-200 Grindable hole length:200 Max workpiece length:400 Swing over table:φ540 Swing in the cover:300 Spindle turning speed:50-660(50Hz)60-800(60Hz)rpm Spindle hole through diameter:φ3 Table movement amount:480 CS specification




SELLER :Wongtanawoot





Grinding hole diameter:φ50~700 Max grinding length:600 Max workpiece grinding length:1500 Spindle swing:800 Spindle turning speed:10~150rpm







ID Grinding Dia:300mm Swing:640mm




Swing:400 chuck cover inner swing:360 distance between the chuck front and the spindle edge: Max 1139 Spindle taper:M.T.No.3 Internal grinding spindle rotation speed:9000rpm(50Hz) 12000rpm(60Hz) Spindle turning speed:20-300rpm Spindle base taper:M.T.No.5 Table diameter:1055 Spindle edge turning speed:3400rpm




Spindle turning speed:190,310,515,850,1400rpm Max movement amount of the table horizontal feed: manual 150mm auto 80mm Max turning angle of the table:±4.5° Auto table feeding speed(3 steps):110-2700mm/min Max movement amount of the wheel base to front & back:30mm Max turning angle of the wheel base:±90°


[Model]213 B 3 F


Internal diameter 100 mm Grinding depth 120 mm Swing diameter 260-400 mm Total power requirement 10 kW Machine weight about 3.8 t




Origin: Switzerland



[Model]SIP 315*500


internal diameter 315 mm grinding depth 500 mm swing diameter 500/600 mm max. bore diameter to be ground 315 mm smallest grindable bore dia. 30 mm grinding depth max. 500 mm stroke of the table 800 mm

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