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[Model] AS 305 B


Max diameter: 300 mm Lenght: 600 mm Information for price Can be seen in the Bayrampa?a showroom Free loaded

SELLER : Vefa Makina



[Model] KG-250



[Model] AGW-160 (2 in stock); AGW-231


AGW-160 MAX OUTSIDE OF HOB 160 MINIMUN ROOT DIA OF HOB 0 MAX FLUTE GRINDING DEPTH 35 MAX STROKE 340/265 ---------------------------------------------------- AGW 231 Maximum outside diameter of hobs with helical flutes 230mm(9.1/16")300mm Maximum outside diameter of hobs with straight flutes 250mm(9.7/8") 300mm Maximum depth of flute 50mm(2") Minimum flute lead 125 Maximum lead angle 45° Number of flutes 3 to 45 Maximum grinding slide stroke 475mm(18.3/4") Minimum grinding wheel diameter 150mm(6") Grinding wheel speed,infinitely variable,from 1500 to 2700 r.p.m grinding slide feed rate,infinitely variable from 0 to 16 m/min Distance between center 260~660mm machine weight 4300KG machine size 2000(L)×1600(W)×1700(H)


[Model] ZSTZ-1250


SELLER : Wongtanawoot



[Model] SHG-360

[Year] 1986



[Model] RZ-300E

[Year] 1987

Max. wheel diameter: 300 mm Gear width: 180 mm Max. module: 5 Min. module: 0,5 Max. table load: 50 kg Root circle diameter: 10 mm Slide stroke: 180 mm Clamping length: 420 mm Number of teeth: 7-256 Max. helix angle: +/-45° Max. diameter of grinding wheel: 350 mm Turning speeds: 1100-1900 U/min Total power requirement: 18 kW Dimensions of the machine: 4500x5000x2100 mm Weight of the machine: 4000 kg




Origin: Switzerland Max. Wheel Diameter: 300 mm Gear width: 170 mm Max. module: 5 Min. module: 0,5 Clamping length max.: 420 mm Max. angle of teeth: 45 grad Min. number of teeth: 12 Max. number of teeth: 130 Slide stroke: 200 mm Helical lead min./max: 200-6.000 mm Max. dia. of grinding wheel 350 mm Max. width of grinding wheel: 84 mm

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