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CNC Vertical Turret Lathe


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[Model] VT1100M

[Year] 2013

Low Hours: 1,680 Live Milling Rotary Tool Spindle Speed: 3000 rpm Table Diameter: 39" Maximum Turning Diameter: 43.3" Maximum Turning Length: 39.4" Main Spindle Speed: 850 rpm X-Axis Travel: 22.8" Z-Axis Travel: 39.4" C-Axis Deg. 360 Deg. Rapid Traverse X-Axis: 787.4 ipm Rapid Traverse Z-Axis: 787.4 ipm Number of Automatic Tool Stations: 12 OD Tool Size: 1.3" Boring Bar Diameter: 3.2" Control: Fanuc 32i Model A


[Model] WVL-12

[Year] 1987

Table Diameter: 49.21" Maximum Swing: 62.99" Maximum Turning Height: 49.6" Z-Axis Ram Stroke: 39.4" Ram Horizontal Travel: 51" Ram Cross Section: 8.6" x 8.6" Cross Rail Travel: 39.4" Table Speeds: 2.8-280 RPM Table Capacity: 11,000 Lbs. Maximum Torque: 10,845 Ft. Lbs. Spindle Motor Cont./30 Min: 50 HP/ 60HP Control: Fanuc OT


[Model] 40 KZ 350


Faceplate diameter 3500 mm Swing diameter 3800 mm Turning height 2300 mm Max. Turning diameter 3800 mm Table load 40 t Table speed 10 to 38 1 / min Gear stages 2 stages Cross travel of ram slide right: 2500 mm Cross travel of plunger carriage left: 2200 mm Traverse (vertical) of the plunger 1500 mm Total power requirement 70 kW


[Model] TKV 525 made of Sedin 1525

[Year] 2015

CNC Vertical Lathe GORBREX Model: TKV 525 / 2500 Offer ID: 32 Manufacturer: Model: TKV 525 CNC Control: SIEMENS SINUMERIK828 Localisation: our Workshop Rudniki - Poland Machine fully modernized modified of SEDIN 1525 with new electrical unit lubrication unit regrinder slideways painted replacement of all worn mechanical parts. Machine will be equipped with new CNC control SIEMENS SINUMERIK 828. Delivery time: max. 3 - 4 months Number of columns: 2 Number of carriages:1-opion 2 Type of carriage: Ram Number of axis controlled: X/Z -option X1/Z1,C Table diameter: 2250 mm Max turning diameter: 2500 mm Max. workpiece height: 1600 mm( with possibility of upgrading up to 2200 mm) Max. table load: 16 000 kg Table speeds range: 100 rpm Number of table speeds ranges stepless: 3 Vertical travel in Z axis ( ram travel): 1200 mm Horizontal carriage travel in X axis: 1400 mm Working feeds range: 2-2000 mm/min Rapid feeds: 10 m/min Installed power: 59 kW Positioning accuracy: 0,01/1000 mm Machine dimensions: 5200 x 6400 x 4900 mm Machine weight: 35 500 kg Transversal beam feeding: 360 mm/min Motors and overall dimensions: Main motor: 45 kW 1430 mph Transversal beam feeding motor: 5.2 kW 1500 rpm Transversal beam clamping motor: 2 kW 1500 rpm Carriages feeding motors ( 2 nos ) 3 kW 1500 rpm Lubrication unit motor: 1.7 kW 1500 rpm Dimensions: 5065 x 5280 x 4910 mm Machine weight: 35 500 kg


[Model] TAC-14F 2APC

[Year] 2005



[Model] TAC-17F 2APC

[Year] 2005



[Model] CNC VTL 58/66 /ATC C Axis Live tool

[Year] New

LANSING CNC VTL 58/66 /ATC 12/C Axis Live Tooling Table Diameter............................58" Swing.....................................66" Maximum Workheight........................40" Maximum load on table.....................8000 kgs Fanuc Main Motor..........................55 Kw Fanuc Turning/milling Motor...............20/27 Kw Gear Box For tunring/milling..2 (two) speed range + Null Rotary Table Speed range for turning......1 - 200 Rpm Rotary Table Speed range for Milling......0 - 2 Rpm Live Spindle Speed........................10 - 1000 Rpm Turning maximum cutter section............40 X 40 MM Main Clamping System for Milling..........ISO 50 Power Draw Bar Rail Head Horizontal Travel...............66" X Z Feed Motor AC Brushless..............Siemens X Z Axis Working Speeds..................1 - 6000 mm/min X Z Rapid Speed..........................8000 mm/min C Axis Drive.............................."Cs"Function Main Motor Twelve Position Tool Changer Disc Type / Servo Motor Weight of tool 35 Kgs Total Weight of ATC 12 tool Holder 500 Kgs ISO Shank tool Holder 3 phase Electric Power 400 Volt 50 cycle L x w x h ......... 232" x 208" x 208" Weight............. 22,500 Kgs.


[Model] A-16M/C


Fanuc 0ITD Table dia:1650φ MAX Swing:2030 MAX Turning height:1825 mill head BT 50/BT40 ATC:30


[Model] Omega-60(3)

[Year] 2003

Controller : FANUC18i-T Table diameter : φ1,100 mm Max. turning diameter : φ1,260 mm Max. swing : φ1,500 mm Max. turning height : 570 mm Max. work piece weight : 2,000 kg Distance between holder to table surface : 735 mm Travel of turret (Left and right) To right : 1,410 mm                      To left : 50 mm Travel of turret (Up and down) : 800 mm Cross rail : Fixed type Table speed Low speed : 4.0~120.2 min-1          High speed : 16.6~500 min-1 ATC : 12 stations(Special holder) Max. length of holder storage (From storage) : 480 mm Max. weight of holder strage : 50 kg / 1 pce Required floor space : 5,580×3,860 mm    Machine height : 3,900 mm Machine weight : 13,000 kg Tape memory length 640 m Chip conveyor (To left) φ1,100 3 jaw Hydraulic chuck


[Model] TM2-12N

[Year] 1999

Fanuc-18T T:1250 Maximum turning outer diameter1350 Maximum swing1600 Maximum turning height1250 ATC12 No coolant


[Model] TMS-30/70


Max turning dia7000 table dia3000 Fanuc 0T-B max height between table and toolholder2200 max weight of work piece 15Ton veritcal traverse of toolhead 1200 ATC 40 main motor 45kw×6P


[Model] TMS2-32/37

[Year] 1985

Fanuc-10T φ3.7m×1.3m 10 jaw hydraulic chuck T:φ3.2m 1~80rpm 37kw Load:10,000kg X-1480 Z-850 W-750 Table~under cross rail:800~1550mm Automatic square turret Bite□32 Weight:32.5ton


[Model] TMS2-32/40N

[Year] 1995

【❖Take a look at our video!❖】 F15-TF 2 axis(XZ) T:3200mm Maximum grinding height:1400mm Maximum load weight:15T Table rotational speed:0.8-80min-1 Turning angle:0° ATC:12 The size of the tool which can attached:32*32mm Vertical movement:1000mm Right and left movement :1500mm


[Model] VTO-12


See PDF for specifications.(Retro specifications) ※table1200㎜(Subtable1600㎜)


[Model] V100R

[Year] 2008

P-200L LAP-4 φ1250×890 X-565 Z-890 φ1000 Chuck 4-1250rpm Main motor 37/45Kw V-12 Turret Mill-3000rpm 5.5Kw  Automatic-Manual tool length measuring system High pressor coolant 0.5MPa Main spindle low speed cutting M axis synchronized TAP Chip conveyor


[Model] V100R【Sold out】

[Year] 2015

Control:OSP-P300L Chuck:φ1000 Max.swing:φ1250 Max.dia.x Work Length:φ1,000 x 890 Trevels(XZ):565×890 Turret:V12 Spindle speed:4~1,250rpm ・Crane for loading and unloading workpiece(200kg) ・Touch sensorA(Auto. and Manual) ・Turret Airblow coolant nozzle ・Chuck Airblow ・Chip conveyor


[Model] SV250

[Year] 2005

Fanuc-31iMA, Max swing:φ400, φ250*350, φ210chuck (Soul OPA-140)


[Model] Sc 27 Cnc


Faceplate diameter 2500 mm Swing diameter 2700 mm Turning height 1900 mm Engine output 60 kW Weight 40000 kg


[Model] SKJ 20 A

[Year] 1986

Table diameter: 2 000 mm Max. workpiece diameter: 2 300 mm Max. workpiece height: 1 500 mm Workpiece weight: 10 000 kg Speed clamping plates: 1,5-160 rpm Weight of the machine: 38 t


[Model] SKQ 20

[Year] 1996

Technical details: Max turning diameter:2200mm Max. workpiece height:1250mm Max workpiece weight:10 000kg Chuck diameter:2000mm Machine weight:28,5 T Max ram stroke:1000mm Machine height:5520mm W x D:4550 x 3440mm


[Model] TBJ-10BNC


※The general-purpose machine is modified to NC. FANUC0T 3-jaw hydraulic chuck:φ1000 Turret:4-corner turret method Processing range:φ260-700


[Model] TSN-10A

[Year] 1972

※The general-purpose machine has been modified to NC. F-0T Without Milling function 4-station turret Processing range:φ500~900 Work maximum weight:6.3T


[Model] VTL-1600ATC

[Year] 2015

YOU JI CNC VERTICAL TURNING LATHE YOM: 2015 Model: VTL-1600ATC Controller: FANUC 0i-TD Table dia.: 1600mm Max. swing: 2000mm Max. turning dia.: 1800mm Max. turning height: 1200mm X axis travel (left-right): -3593~+1103mm Z axis travel (up-down): 900mm Vertical travel of cross rail: 800mm Table speed: 1~250rpm (2 steps) Spindle motor: α40i (37/45kW) BT50 / 12ATC (Two sides restraint) Tool magazine high pressure air blast X/Z axes Heidenhain linear scales Tool off set High pressure pump (20bar) Air conditioner for electrical cabinet Hydraulic tank cooler Spindle oil cooler Oil skimmer Chip conveyor O.D. tool holder: 11 pcs I.D. tool holder: 2 pcs short, 1 pc long


[Model] YV-1600ATC


【Unused machine】 F-0iT Table diameter:φ1600 Maximum swing:φ2000 Left and right (X) axis travel distance: -100, 1125 Vertical (Z) axis travel:900 Spindle speed (low speed):1-62 (high speed):62-250 Tool shank type:7/24 taper BT50

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