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[Model] FBM-15CNC;GP-130


MAX DIA 1500φ MAX MODULE 20 TABLE SIZE 1300 CUTTING DIA 180~280 FANUC 0-MC MACHINE SIZE:6100×3370×3205 CNC 4AXES --------------------------------------------------- Max workpiece dia 130 Max module 3 FANUC 160i-M Axial 5 Max axial slide travel250 Hob swivel angle ±45° Max hob speed 3000rpm Max workspindle speed 1000rpm Max hob dia 80 Max hob length total length170/245 Max hob shift travel 170 Hob drive 14KW Table surface dia 160 Machine weight 1100KG


[Model] KN-150

[Year] 1994

F-31iMB 6axis control X Y Z A C B axis Number of simultaneous control axes:5 φ150 Module4 Hob suddle vertical S-400 Hob head:45°Hob:100~850rpm Teeth number:4~1000  Master worm:3 Work table:100rpm  Ho:φ110×180 Hob shift:130mm Between center:15~150mm Table to Support arm:190~800mm Helical gear correction circuit Tape storage editing 64Kbite Custom macro Common variable 600sets Mist collector Magnet conveyor Many hob cutters Other


[Model] KN-151; KN-150


KN-151 Max workpiece dia 150φ Max pitch module4 Axial feed travel 400mm max helix angle ±45° Max hob shift travel 150 center distance between hob&table 15~150mm table top dia 190 hob spindle RPM 100~1330rpm FANUC 18I MB Film: ----------------------------------- KN-150 3sets in stock Max workpiece dia 150φ Max pitch module4 Axial feed travel 400mm max helix angle ±45° Max hob shift travel 150 center distance between hob&table 15~150mm table top dia 190 hob spindle RPM 100~850rpm FANUC 15M machine weight 7000kg Film:


[Model] KN80

[Year] 2007

Fanuc18iMB 2008,2007,2006,2005,2004,2003,in stock (work crump cylinder) tip conveyer ring loader


[Model] KN80

[Year] 2008

BP-3051 Fanuc 18i-MB Ring loader Tip conveyer work crump cylinder



[Model] KN80

[Year] 2004

Fanuc18i-MB BP-1602 ring loader tip conveyer work crump hydro cylinder



[Model] KS-300-CNC-5; KB-200CNC


KS-300-CNC-5 Germany-made Bosch rexroth MTX-micro type High-level five-axis computer system with KASHIFUJI machine body Max Cutting Dia 300φ max module8 max travel of cutter saddle 300 max cutting tilt angle±45°, The number of cutting teeth 4~1023 the maximum cutting lead is 45000mm Center distance between Hob&Table 20~280 Table dia 300 Table hole 82 Max Hob size 150φ×180L standard hob dia 40φ Taper of spindle nose NT45 Hob travel distance130 Hob rpm 400rpm Max worktable rpm 40rpm NC5axis table rotation feed up/down & feed back/forth hob head tilting Main motor 15kw Floor area 3390×3010mm weight 8500kgs cutting function: 1. one auto cycle 2. two auto cycle 3. Crowning cutting 4. Inclined cutting 5. step cutting 6. worm cutting ---------------------------------------------------------------- KB-200CNC Max workpiece dia 220 Max module7 Max axial feed travel 300 Max hob head swivel ±45° Max hob size dia×length 150φ×200L Max hob shift travel 150 Taper of spindle Nose NT40 Max revolution of hob 50~500 Weight 9500kg FANUC CONTROL 10M Film:


[Model] GE25A

[Year] 2014

DRY CUT Fanuc-31iA Max Work dia:250mm Max. cutting module 6


[Model] PE150

[Year] 1993

Module max: 3mm Max workpiece diameter: 150mm Max milling head diameter : 130 mm Max milling head length : 220 mm Axial travel : 150 mm Head inclinaison : +/- 45° Table diameter : 160 mm Table boring : 63 mm Auto shifting : 165 mm Distance centre milling head / table : 10-160 mm


[Model] NS-100CNC

[Year] 2001

M2.5 Max work dia:100mm Length:180mm Max hob dia x length:100x120mm


[Model] HS35


Workpiece Diameter 0.2-35mm Max. Toothing Length 25mm Max. Clamping Length 45mm Max. Module in steel 0.75mm in non ferrous metals 1mm Hob Speed 2000-12000rpm Hob Diameter 6-24mm Number of Teeth 1-500 Net Weight 1050kg Space requirements 1800x1400x2200mm

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