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EDM, Die-sinker


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T:350*230 Max table loading:100kg Processing tank size:520*350 Back slide stroke:240 Quill stroke:100 Right and left stroke:200 Front and back stroke:120




60A  FP-60EA X-300 Y-250 Z-250 Working area: 740×470×150  Table load: 550Kg Erectrode weight: 25Kg  SP power source Auto extinguisher




FP60EA S:400*300*300 Max workpiece size:800*550*250 C-axis ATC-24 System3R




C-axis (3R) X400 Y300 Z300mm Max Workpiece:900 x 650 x350mm Max work weight:1000kg




C21EA-2 T:850*600mm S:X500*Y400*Z350mm Workpiece:950x680x300mm




Renewal machine Power source : C31-EA2 Stroke : X300 Y250 Z250 mm Distance between electrode attahcing plane to table surface : 133~383 mm Work tank style : Auto lifting style Work tank inner size : 800 × 520 × 300 mm Table size : 500 × 350 mm (Stone plate) Max. work piece size : 770 × 490 × 200 mm Work piece loading weight : 550 kg Table T-slot : 13-80 mm pitch 3 stations Capacity of liquid supply device : 260L Filtration system of liquid supply device : Micro paper filter 1 stations Power supply type : FP80PS Peak of Max. pulse current : 80A The number of controlled axes : Max. simultaneous 4 axis (X Y Z Spindle axis) Required floor space : 1915 × 2000 × 2140 mm Machine weight : 2000 kg High precision Built-in spindle : System 3R Macro Max. electrode weight : 10 kg Max. pulse current During the pause : 100A During the rotation : 60A Spindle speed : 1~1500min-1 Set command unit : 0.0001 mm Auto electrode exchange device : ATC-10 stations(LS-10T) Scale feed back (0.05μm) : X・Y・Z axis High-functioning Unit cooler (Cutting liquid temprature controlled)





MARK-11 S:300*200*250mm T:600*300mm

SELLER :Wongtanawoot





MARK-20 S:300*250*250 Max processing workpiece weight: 400kg T:520*350 Processing tank inner size:660*492*250

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