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Polishing Machine


1 ~ 20 of 20 POST




with facing unit chiller unit safety cover cupper plate 4 sylinders head 3 wafer mouting plates operate manual




Facing unit is included







Surface plate diameter:φ900 Pressure plate diameter:φ360




Both side machine(L) Surface Plate:φ750




Both side machine(L)




Both side




Both side







1-axis T:φ950 Tank size:φ1290




6-axis Air pressure Between axis:550 1 motor




Hard polish Plate material:Tin 3 Rings




6-axis withφ350 plate Weight pressure Between axis:540 1 motor




Under the overhaul process ★




Linear pressure mechanism SUS




Both side machine




Plate diameter:φ460 Max processing diameter:φ170 Spindle turning speed:20~200 Workpiece turning speed:20~200 Vertical stroke for workpiece: 140




4-axis Between axis:380 1 motor Air pressure




Surface plate diameter:812.8mm Ring inner diameter:304.8mm Surface plate turning speed:87rpm




2-axis Tank size:920*390*230(depth)

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