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Retrofiited in 2008 in UK. Never worked since retrofit. Disassembled now. Ready for shipping. According to the documentation, the hammer was restored to the UK strictly according to the manufacturer's standards. Hydraulic control system is included. A set of new original guides made of special hard steel from Beche is included. A complete set of technical documentation is available with a hammer. Including a drawing of the foundation, which will facilitate installation in a new location. Energy of blow 25000 kgs Stroke 1200 mm Distance between slides 1070 mm Ram width 1050 mm Ram length 1500 mm Weight 252 ton Air Consumption Per Full Blow 4.5 Cubic Mtr Compressor Size Cold Air 32.5 Cubic Mtr Compressor Size Heated Air 220ºC 20.0 Cubic Mtr Volume of Air Receiver 25.5 Cubic Mtr BÊCHÉ counterblow hammers are predominantly used for manufacturing large and ultra-large forgings. The high impact energy and tonnage of the hammer dies, moving in opposite directions, permits precision forming of large forgings. Counterblow hammers with hydraulic drives are particularly well suited to the medium tonnage range. Counterblow hammer Beche DGH 25 — in a counterblow machine both the hammer and anvil move and the workpiece is held between them. Here excess energy becomes recoil. This allows the machine to work horizontally and have a smaller base. Other advantages include less noise, heat and vibration.

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USD 22000

Hello. We offer Forging hammer M1343. 200 ton. Manufacturer: PRESSMASH Made in: Russia Location: Russia Price EXW $ 22.000 USD Specification: Impact energy: 50 kJ Nominal mass of drop parts: 2000 kg Max. number of blows per minute: 56 Max. stroke of headstock: 1000 mm Distance between columns in daylight: 2360 mm Distance between guides in daylight: 550 mm Working zone height in daylight: 530 mm Bottom die impression-to-floor distance: 750 mm Die impression size (LxW): 530 x 300 mm Steam pressure: 0,7...0,9 MPa Compressed air pressure: 0,6...0,8 MPa Hammer dimensions (LxW): 4900 х 1930 mm Hammer height above floor level: 5000 mm Weight of the hammer without anvil block: 18100 kg Anvil block weight: 30000 kg Total weight: 48100 kg



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