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[Model] PP, ABS, PE, PC


PLASTIC MATERIAL , CRASH RECYCLE We have RECYCLE CRASH monthly basis, every month 100 ton PP , ABS , PE , PC

SELLER : Yumoto Kikai Ltd



[Model] AP-K2N

[Year] 2011

14.7kN (1500kgf) Crimping die: Applicator replaceable AC100V single-phase 50/60Hz 680VA Stroke length 30mm Number of strokes: 220/260spm (50Hz/60Hz)




RIKEN electric Pump


[Model] CGN-68


SELLER : Wongtanawoot




[Year] 2007

Main machine : Made in Japan Sweden -Year : 2007

SELLER : TransGlobal.Bz





remote visual inspection service launched!! New stype of physical inspection by using web meeting service like Skype, Google Hang Out, and other app. just sit in front of your PC, and fly to Osaka Japan in a second. you can also use mobile app like Viber or Wassap in case you wish to see our machine outside. ・you can save time & physical cost to come to Japan. ・motion & sound quality is outstanding as if you were visiting our warehouse in person ・you may also be able to finalize the deal just try it now!! booking form is completed. Please make an appointment machine item page of our HP

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