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[Model]Integrex e-1850V


Fusion 640M Pro T:φ1850 4jaw chuck & □1250×2APC ATC-80 Work capacity: φ2350×1800h X-3055 Y-1850 Z-1800 B-150°(30~+120°)  B-±360 B-0.0001 C-0.0001 Turning 5~250rpm 45(60Hp)/37Kw 6500Nm Milling 35~10,000rpm BT-50 37/30Kw Ball screw core cooling (XYZ axis) Scale feedback(XYZ axis) Spindle through coolant 15Kg Work auto measuring (MP-10)  Mill tool laser measuring Helical inter pollution  Synchronized TAP Mist corrector Coolant temperature control Chip conveyor


[Model]Spark 3500X


5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center with Pallet changer Mandelli Spark 3500X New in 2018 Siemens Sinumerik 840D Number of pallets 2 Pallet size 1250 x 1600 mm Pallet load capacity max. 5100 kg 4th axis 0.001° NC rotary table 5th Axis NC-Tilting milling head A-Axis +80° ~ -120° X 3500mm Y 1850mm Z 1800 mm Feeds X,Y,Z up to 20000 mm/min. Rapids X,Y,Z up to 35000 mm/min. Tool taper HSK-A100 Spindle drive motor rating 46/67.7 kW Spindle speeds up to 6000 rpm. Spindle torque max. 1851 Nm 200 station tool magazine. Tool diameter max. 120 mm/425 mm Tool length max. 600 mm Tool weight max. 35 kg Coolant through the spindle 25/40/60 bar Proposal Number MH-6234


[Model]MCR-B III


5 Face(5axis) Double Column Machining Center OKUMA(JAPAN) YEAR: 2012 1. MACHINE SPECIFICATION (MODEL): MCR-B III (Table size): 2,500 X 5,100 (Distance between columns): 3,050 (Spindle taper): 50 BT *(T301 head): 8,000 RPM *(T302 head): 15,000 RPM *(T303 head): 6,000 RPM / B, C axis 1" Mr. Lim +82 10 8606 7124






BRETON MATRIX 1300 K30/2T CNC Portal Milling Machine Capacity: 3900x3000x1300 mm Working capacity Longitudinal (x): 3900 mm Vertical (z): 1300 mm Cross (y): 3000 mm Head rotation (c ): 360.000x0,001 �� Head tilting (a): (+/-105��) / 0,001 �� Heidenhain TNC530 Spindle power: 20 Kw Rotating speed: 24000 Rpm Torque: 38 Nm Taper: HSK63A Spindle transmission: Electrospindle Fischer Notes: second spindle FISCHER 24K Rpm new in 2017 Internal coolant: spray mist Bar Feeds Rapid x: 30 m/min Rapid y: 30 m/min Rapid z: 20 m/min Rapid a: 12 m/min Rapid c: 22 m/min Table Floor space (lxwxh): 3500x3500 mm Capacity: 10 t/mq Kg ATC Positions: 30 Max tool diameter: 90 mm Max diam with free adjacent space: 140 mm Max tool length: 300 mm Max tool weight: 10 Kg Tool taper: HSK63A Machine total weight: ?45.000 Kg Floor space: 5600x7400x5050 mm Tooling included: second spare FISHER electrospindle Tool presetter: Laser probing system for tool presetting and tool integrity BLUM. Software for management of laser probing system TAULB with Heidenhain CNC





CNC Machining Center DECKEL MAHO DMU 70 Evolution, vertical, 5-axis Year of production: 2007 Working travels: X axis: 750 mm Y axis: 600 mm Z axis: 520 mm B axis: 180° C axis: +/- 360° Table: 700 x 500 mm Max.weight on table: 350 kg Spindle speeds: 18,000 rpm Tool magazine: 92 pcs Tool holder: SK 40 Control CNC: SIEMENS 840D Powerline 3D



[Model]DMU 40 eVo


【❖Take a look at our video!❖】 840D solutionline CELOS 21.5-inch multi-touch monitor S:400*400*375 T:450*450 / Slewing diameter:φ460 20-18,000min-1 ATC30 3D data model Tool measuring device




Siemens 840Dsl Operate ( CELOS ) T: dia650×500mm S(XYZ):650mm×520mm×475mm HSK-63 ATC60 20000rpm B: -35°~110° C:360degree


[Model]DMU50 3rd Generation


CNC device: Siemens 840D sl Operate (CELOS) speedMASTER Spindle (HSK-A63) Spindle rotation speed:15,000min-1 NC control rotary tilt table 30 tool magazines (HSK-A63) (chain type) Coolant / air blow switching Through spindle air blow Through Spindle Coolant (ICS) 2MPa Coolant gun for chip sink In-flight measuring device (main shaft) PP60 made by Renishaw (optical type) In-flight tool measuring device (Heidenhain TT160) 3D quick set Operation mode 4 (conditional release of interlock) Tropical package (for speedMASTER) Manual pulse handle Safety package (for power outage) IPC CELOS


[Model]DMU50(3rd Generation)


Controller:CELOS Table size: φ630×500 mm Travel:X:650 Y:520 Z:475 mm B:-35~+110 deg C:360 deg Spindle taper:HSK-A63 Spindle speed:20~15,000 rpm ATC:30 stations Required floor space:3,440×3,300 mm    Machine height:2,752 mm Machine weight:7,480 kg Scale feedback X, Y, Z, B, C axis Coolant through spindle center(2MPa)&Air Measurement device(Renishaw OMP60) Tool measurement device(Heidenhain TT160)Chip conveyor 3D Quick Set Manual pulse handle Comment: We offer “0 running hr” machine with no lead time. Off course it is covered with manufacturer's warranty.



[Model]Minumac TH linear


V(F)-6628 5-Axis Gantry Type Milling Machine 5-Axis Gantry Type Milling Machine / Top Gantry Milling Machine. Forest Liné. Minumac TH Linear. Year 2000. Siemens 840D CNC control. X 7000 mm. Y 4000 mm. Z 1500 mm. Linear motors. 2-Axis NC Milling Head (5-Axis). C-Axis +/- 400°. B-Axis +/- 110°. Automatic spindle changer. Spindle 1: 18 KW, 18000 rpm. HSK-A63. Spindle 2: 20 KW, 30000 rpm. HSK-A63. 20 station tool magazine + ATC. Excellent condition. 18000 rpm spindle recently overhauled. 30000 rpm spindle only used for 6 months. VERY HIGH ACCURACIES !




5-axis Working travel: X: 1 600 mm Y: 700 mm Z: 800 mm C: 360 degrees B Axis Table: 2000 x 700 mm Rotary table: 800 x 700 Spindle r.p.m: Tools magazine: 32 pcs Tool chuck: HSK 63 Control: CNC SIEMENS Overall power demand: 60 kW Machine weight: 17 500 kg Made in: France



[Model]FH-80S 5Axis


FANUC16iMA (simultaneous 5 axis) Palette:800*800 Rotating table indexing angle:0.001 degrees Swing table index range: 360 ° (B axis), 15 to 100 (A axis) S:1100*1150*1150 speed:50 to 15000min - 1 Main spindle diameter:φ100 MASI type P50T specification BIG plus 2-sided restraint specification ATC120




Professional-5 (super Gl, 4 control) Table 〇 500 (0.0001 division) T groove (18mm) S:550*1000*500 Rotation:50~20000rpm Spindle:HSK-A63 ATC:60 Through spindle (8.0MPa)




Controller:FUNUC-31iA5 Travel:X:900 Y:900 Z:900 B:360°(0.001)A:5°~-95° Max. workpiece size:φ950×H.900 Max. workpiece weight:800 kg Table size:630 x 630 mm Spindle speed:20000 rpm Spindle taper:BT40 (BIGPLUS) ATC:120 stations Pallet:8 Required floor space:5565×10038 mm  Machine height:3283 mm Machine weight:25000 kg Chip conveyor Coolant through spindle (1.5MPa) + Air Spindle cooler Use of cutting oil Mist collector Simultaneous 5 axes operation XYZ axis linear scale B axis rotary encoder A axis rotary inductosyn Rigid tapping AI contour control ll


[MFR]Mori Seiki



5-Axis Horizontal Machining Centre. Year of manufacture 2011. MSX-711-MAPPS IV CNC control. Twin pallet changer. Pallet diameter 500 mm. Pallet load max. 700 kg. 2-Axis NC-Rotary Tilting Table. B-Axis 360° / 0.001°. A-Axis +30°/-120° - 0.001°. X 730 mm. Y 850 mm. Z 1100 mm. Feeds 1 - 50000 mm/min. Rapids 50000 mm/min. Spindle drive motor 18.5/22 KW. Spindle speeds to max. 12000 rpm. Tool taper HSK-A63. Tool magazine 120-positions. High pressure coolant through the spindle 70 bar. Coolant system KNOLL. Parts probe Renishaw. Tool probe for toool measurement and tool breakage control. Chip conveyor.




【❖Take a look at our video!❖】 OSP-P300MA 3D-D BT40 ATC32 Head shaft end face restraint (head shaft BIG plus) 50~15000rpm * Simultaneous 5-axis kit * Five Tuning Five Tuning Kit * Automatic tool length correction (including breakage detection) * Automatic measurement




F-15MB Between column:1000 T:□800×2APC ATC-50 X-1650 Y-1000 Z-1000 B-150°(30~+120°)  B-±360 B-0.001 C-0.001 20~6,000rpm BT-50 11/15Kw Scale feed back (XYZ axis) Oil hole cutting oil device Herical cutting   3D coordinate transformation Tool tip coordinate display High speed remote buffer Work coordinate system 48 pairs Multi-buffer Oli mist device Mist collector Chip conveyor 2 sets of Tooling block




F-30iA Between column:3400 T:3m*8m ATC-40 S: X-8250*Y-3820*Z-600*W-850 B-±360° C-±95 B-0.001 C-0.001 Load:30ton 150-15,000rpm BBT-50 50/55Kw Scale feedback (XYZBC axis) Oil hole cutting oil device Helical cutting 3D coordinate transformation Tool tip coordinate display High speed remote buffer Work coordinate system 48 pairs Multi-buffer Mist coolant device Mist collector




Fanuc-31iB5 T:2200x1400mm S(XYZ)1400×2200×800mm A:±90 C:±270 BBT40 ATC8 20,000rpm Tool length setter

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