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[Model] KBT-15DX・ANP

[Year] 1992

F-15MA T:1600*1800*2APC S:3000*2000*1300*700 B-0.001 Table to spindle:0-1800 5-2000rpm BT-50 AC26Kw ATC-60 Max workpiece DIA φ2400 Max load:6,000Kg Scale feedback: X Y Z axis Rotary inductsin B axis Oil hole drill system Auto measuring system Tool compansation memory C Helical interpolation Coordinate rotation Memory-640m Tool offset total:200 sets Custom macro common variable number 300 Registerable program total 200


[Model] MH2NCP

[Year] 2006

FANUC-20i-F S(XYZ):720mm×300mm×450mm T:1310mm×300mm 1800rpm BT50


[Model] YZ-88SG

[Year] 2015

Control:Fanuc-32i-Mode B Table:1400×600, Capacity:1000KG Travel:XYZ:1000×1020×660 Distance between table top to spindle end:-22〜638 Spindle: 3,000rpm,  NT50(BT) ・Hight column extended stroke to 200mm ・ Manual handle ・ Pull stud type tool attaching/detaching device(BT50) ・ Super precision Indexing Square Table(600) TsuDaKoma CTAP-601

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