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Universal cylindrical grinding machine Fortuna FM41G-1600CNL45 Control FM4 CNC Max grinding diameter 275mm, Max grinding length 1600 mm.

SELLER :Staklija UAB





Fanuc-18iT Center:3500 Swing over bed:φ670 ST:Grinding wheel 400 Cross table:3750 Grindstone:(φ915~760)*75*304.8


[Model]KEL-VARIA UR225/600


Kelco 90 CNC Control




Fanuc-0iTD dia350x750mm




Fanuc-18T dia350x750mm




Fanuc-0iTD Swing over table:dia400mm X280 Y95 Z735mm w/a gantry




Center distance:350 Swing over table:φ350 Grindable max diameter:φ150




Fanuc 21i-TB Swing : 320 Between centers : 320mm Wheel diameter: 510mm Overhaul is finished





CNC Angular Wheelhead Grinder MITSUBISHI FANUC center:1500mm




Okamoto PRECISION(FANUC)  Swing dia:320mm Center:1000mm Max work dia:300mm Magnet separator


[Model]GP-44N×100S(Large diameter)


OSP-5020G Distance between centers:1000mm Swing on the table:φ430 Maximum grinding diameter:φ400 Whetstone frequency speed: 2700m / min XZ:295*1210 Spindle center taper:MT No.3 C-axis rotation speed:25~600rpm Push base center taper:MT No.5


[Model]PF 43 U 1750


Grinding diameter 300 mm Grinding length 1750 mm Center height 150 mm Space needs about 3700x2250x2200 mm Workpiece weight between centers max. 200 kg Grinding wheel diameter max. 500 mm Wheelhead ways: max. 320 mm Wheelhead pivotally +/- 180 �� Grinding wheel diameter / bore 203.20 mm Grinding spindle taper: Bore x length 100x100 mm Grinding depth 300 mm Machine weight about 8500 kg Total power requirement 30 kVA




FanucPowerMate dia300x400mm




[Remodeling 2008year] Fanuc 2 axis General purpose = NC table swing 300 center 600 grinding maximum OD:for φ405 grinding stone:300 for φ510 grinding stone:255 grinding maximum weight:130kg Standard grinding wheel width 25~75




Swing : 300 Between centers : 1000 Fanuc 2axies Overhaul is finished.





Fanuc-0iTD Swing over table:300mm Distance between centers:1500mm Max. grinding dia:300mm Load mass between centers:150kg Wheel size O.D. × W × I.D.:φ405 × 50 × φ152.4




NC:GC32 φ320x500mm 1550rpm SN:RC8240




Control unit:GC-1000 (Toyoda Koki original) Swing:800 Center-to-center distance:4000 (but the processing range is 2650) Maximum grinding diameter:760 The size of the largest workpiece:φ800*2650 Whetstone:φ760*80*304.8 rotational speed:750 to 1130rpm Table turning angle:± 3 ° Center:MT No.6 Spindle:8 to 70rpm




distance between centers:150 shake:180 Maximum processing diameter:50 Whetstone:Outer diameter355*width 50* inner diameter 127 Spindle rotational speed: 50~1400min-1 Spindle:MT No. 2 Table turning angle:± 1 ° Coolant tank:150L

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