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S/N:FM25083 Year:2006 Location:Ulsteinvik, Norway Serial No. FM25083: Year 2006; Capacity 24 Pallets, square dimension 1.350 x 1.350, max load 2.200 x 1.500 mm, 16 places and round pallets, diam. 1.350 mm, max. load 1.600 mm, 12 places ; max height incl. pallet 1.500 mm, max weight incl. pallet 4.500 kg; two set-up stations; stacker crane; storage rack, safety doors center distance between 1st and last storage position 28.210 mm with Component Washing Machine TEIJO Model 8-2000-11EHS-PD1-F/S; (ULW0001) connected to following machines: ***Combination Lots: together with Lot 9 MAKINO MCD 1816 and Lot 10 O-M OMEGA 70MS





4-hoisting accessories Wire diameter:20mm Wire length:4350mm Lifting load:8t




4-hoisting accessories Wire diameter:32mm Wire length:5570mm

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