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[Model] NVX-5100/50

[Year] 2017

Contro:M730UM(Mitsubishi) Table:1350×600  Travel(XYZ):1050×530×510 Distance from Table to spindle end:150-660 Spindle:8000rpm, BT50,  ATC30 ・Tool compensation function ・High precision control ・Helical interpolation  ・Synchronized tapping


[Model] NHX 8000

[Year] 2016

x-travel :1.400 mm y-travel :1.200 mm z-travel :1.350 mm


[Model] NHX-6300 2nd Generation

[Year] 2019

Control device: F31iB (NHX6300) CELOS-ER Goline Touch Spindle high torque specification 8,000min-1 / 55 / 45kW Spindle taper 7/24 taper # 50 (two-sided restraint) / Grip MAS (BT50 two-sided restraint) Center through spindle coolant specifications Minimum indexing angle:0.001 ° ATC: 60 ring type Mist collector AFS1600 (with stand) scale feedback Touch sensor Tool setter function (Tool length Tool diameter)


[Model] NHX4000-II

[Year] 2015

Features: Full 4-Axis 1400 Hours Celos Control Pallet Size: (2) 15.7" X-Axis Travel: 22.0" Y-Axis Travel: 22.0" Z-Axis Travel: 26.0" Automatic Tool Changer Positions: 240 Spindle Taper: Cat-40 Spindle Speeds: 15,000 rpm Spindle Motor: 41 h.p. Rapid Travers Rate: X,Y,Z 2362 ipm Pallet Change Time: 8 Seconds Pallet Load Capacity: 880 Lbs. Max. Workpiece Diameter/Height: 24.8" x 34.6" Max. Tool Diameter: 2.7"/6.6" Max. Tool Length: 17.7" Max. Tool Weight: 17.6 Lbs. Spindle Center to Table Top: 2.4" - 24.4" Spindle Nose to Table Center: 2.8" x 28.7" Control: Celos M730 OUM Equipped With: * Full 4th Axis (direct drive rotary table) * High Speed/High Precision Function II * High Output 15,000 rpm Spindle Dual Contact * Through Spindle Coolant * Tool Storage (240) Rack Type * Spindle Chiller * (5) Pallet Edge Locator * "In machine tool measuring" Table Touch Sensor, Metrol. * Add'N of Opt'l Block Skip 2-9 (Soft Key Type) * Add'l Workpiece Coordinate System 48 Sets * Signal Tower 4 layers red yellow green blue * Dry Anchor * Program Resolution Multiplied by 1/10 * Tool Offsets 999 in total * Workpiece Position Compensation for Rotary Axis * Coordinate System Rotation


[Model] DMU 40 eVo

[Year] 2019

【❖Take a look at our video!❖】 840D solutionline CELOS 21.5-inch multi-touch monitor S:400*400*375 T:450*450 / Slewing diameter:φ460 20-18,000min-1 ATC30 3D data model Tool measuring device


[Model] DMU50 3rd Generation


CNC device: Siemens 840D sl Operate (CELOS) speedMASTER Spindle (HSK-A63) Spindle rotation speed: 15,000min-1 NC control rotary tilt table ATC30(HSK-A63)(Chain type) Coolant / air blow switching Through spindle air blow Through Spindle Coolant (ICS) 2MPa In-flight measuring device (main shaft) PP60 made by Renishaw (optical type) 3D quick set IoT connector DMG MORI Messenger V2 (CELOS)

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