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[Model] VC330/120

[Year] 2005

Engel 45t 80t 110t 120t used injection molding machines for sale. ES200/45(year 2005,screw diameter:25mm Tie bar spacing:360x360mm) VS200/80(year 2005 screw diameter:25mm Tie bar spacing:410x410mm) VC330/110(year 2005 screw diameter:25mm Tie bar spacing:510x510mm) VC330/120(year 2003 screw diameter:25mm Tie bar spacing:510x510mm) A few units for sale. Machines are in good running condition. Interested customers can inspect and test run machines.



[Year] 2003

Several Engel machines for sale. 275t 200t 110t 80t 75t. Screw diameter: 50mm 35mm 30mm 25mm 25mm. Tie bar spacing: 850x850mm 650x650mm 550x550mm 510x510mm 490x490mm. Interested customer please contact us for more information.

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