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[Model]AP 175/4550


Model: AP 175/4550 YOP 1980 Control - NC Bending force 175 ton Max. bending length 4600 mm Max. working height 710 mm Max. opening 400 mm Throat depth 400 mm Total Power 400 V; 15 kW Dimensions 5900 x 3200 x 2100 mm Weight 16000 kg Equipment: Pneumatic adjustable back gauge fingers Hydraulic top and bottom tools clamping Sectional tools Motorized crowning Location: in our warehouse.

SELLER :Staklija UAB





Bending capacity: 175 ton Max bending length: 4600 mm Max working height: 710 mm Max opening: 400 mm Throat depth: 400 mm Total power requirement: 400 V; 15 kW Press dimensions: 5900x3200x2100 mm Weight: 20 ton There are the following tools enclosed: -Back stop with adjustable fingers -Hydraulic-pneumatic clamping of the upper and the bottom mould -Splitted peak-tool splitted bending-tool splitted die-plate -Motorized crown bow integrated in the table -At the side: mobile arms for support -Electr. pedal


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