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[Model] CD 102-5 UV

[Year] 2005

SELLER : TransGlobal.Bz



[Model] CD 102-5+LX

[Year] 2013

Size: 72 x 102 cm, 5 printing units + coating unit (chamber duct) + extended delivery, Prinect Press Center, Prinect Inpress Control, Alcolor film dampening, Ink unit temperature control, Cooling unit CombiStar incl. Alcosmart, Autoplate Pro – fully automatic plate change, Preset Plus feeder, Preset Plus delivery, Automatic washing devices, WashStar, Antistatic device StaticStar, Dry sprayer PowderStar AP 500, Powder absorbing CleanStar, Coating tar varnishsupply system, IR / TL dryer DryStar, Air supply cabinet AirStar Pro, Compressed air supply ScrollStar, Air-cooled machine, 113mm impression count.


[Model] CD 102-6+LX3 UV

[Year] 2017

Size: 72 x 102 cm, Hybrid UV/IR Press, IST UV, including 2 moveable interdecks, can go on each unit, Axis Control,Nonstop feed and delivery, Anilox coater (UV and Aq coating) with 3x Extended Delivery, 15,000 SPH, Prinect, Press Center Off Press Controls, Preset Plus Feeder and Delivery, Autoplate, Alcolor Vario Dampening, CombiStar Technotrans, Refrigeration - Recirculation Unit Air cooled, Ink Temperature Control, Heidelberg Drystar IR Dryer, Weko AP 110 PowderStar, Powder Spray Device, Automatic Wash Up Devices, AirStar Pro, Antistatic, 78mio impression count


[Model] CD 74-5+LX

[Year] 2005

USD 280000

Size : 53 x 74 cm, 5 Colors + Coater, CP 2000 , COATING UNIT with chambered doctor blade and Anilox Roller, AUTOPLATE – PRESET Stream Feeder, ALCOLOR with Vario, Ink Temperature Control, Technotrans COMBISTAR central refrigeration, All Automatic Washers – Extended Delivery (X2), Infra-Red Dryer – chromed Cylinders – antistatic device – Weko Powder spray – Steel Plate in Feeder and delivery – Non Stop Feeder and delivery, Air Transfer System, INKLINE 3000 (ink supply system by cartridges), 79 mio impression count.


[Model] SM 10 2-10-P6+LX

[Year] 2008

USD 579000

Colors: 10 with convertible perfecting 10 0 and 5 5 , Size: 72 x 102 cm, dedicated tower coater with X2 extension, Prinect Press Center console, Wall screen, X-Rite intelliTrax scanner for closed-loop scanning, Alcolor Vario dampening, Autoplate, Automatic roller wash, Automatic blanket wash, Automatic impression cylinder wash, Technotrans Combi Beta c. for ink temperature control and solution R&R – ,water-cooled with external chiller included, Preset Plus feeder – non-stop, Pre-load device, Preset Plus delivery – non-stop with rake, WashStar, AirStar, Scroll Star Atlas Copco, Baldwin ink agitators, PowderStar Weko AP 500-duo spray, Electronic side lay control, Sheet decurler, Perfect Plus perfecting jackets, 12,000 SPH, 208 mm impressions count.


[Model] SM 102 ZP

[Year] 1993

USD 30,000

Size: 72x102 - Semi-Auto Plate Changers - perfecting (2/0-1/1) - IR Grafix, CPC 1-03 - Alcolor Dampening - quick action plate clamps - ink roller/blanket wash-up devices, Grafix Exatronic powder spray - Simco antistatics - preloading device - 143 mm Impression Count.


[Model] SM 102-2P

[Year] 2000

USD 120000

Size: 72 x 102cm, AirStar WGK 91, CombiStar beta c90G, water cooled, Perfection: 1/1, CP 2000, autoplate, auto-wash with brushes, alcolor dampening with combi technotrans cooling, chromed cylinders, high pile delivery, powder spray, electronic side lay control, double sheet detector, 112 mio impression count, complete with all standard accessories.


[Model] SM 102-2P

[Year] 2008

USD 289000

Size: 72 x 102 cm, PRESET PLUS, Perfector 2/0 - 1/1, CP2000 Press Center (with MasterLevel, InstantGate, Tandem Wash-up), Autoplate (Semi-Automatic Plate Change), Feeder with Suction-belt feed table, Cocking Register, Automatic Washers Devices : Blanket / Impressions Cylinders & Inking Rollers, WashStar (Self-Cleaning Washup Device), Alcolor Dampening, Technotrans CombiStar Beta-c 130 L Central refrigeration, Technotrans Alcosmart AZR, Preset PLUS Feeder, Double Sheet & Side lay Detector, Ultrasonic, Ink Temperature Control, Chromed Impression Cylinders, Bacher Pin Register, Perfector 2/0 - 1/1, Preset PLUS Delivery, PowderStar Weko AP-500 Duo, AirStar (Central Air Supply Cabinet), Speed 13 000 sph, Including Tools, Manuals and Accessories, 130 mil impression count.


[Model] XL 105-6+LX

[Year] 2006

USD 590000

Size: 75x105 cm, AutoPlate , Ink Line ink dispenser ,Aqueous Coater , Anilox Coater with Chambered Blade system, 2 Anilox Rollers, Heidelberg Image Control Color Scanner , CP2000 Console, Preset Plus Feeder, Non Stop Feeder, Preset Plus Delivery, Extended Delivery (X2), Non Stop Delivery ,Ink temperature control, Auto blanket wash, Auto impression cylinder wash, Auto ink roller wash, Clean air evacuation system, Drystar IR and Air knife system , Central circulator and ink temp control , CIP IV data link with pre-press, 216mio Impression count.


[Model] XL 75-5+L X

[Year] 2011

USD 470000

Colors : 5 + Coater, Size : 53 x 75 cm, PRINECT PRESS CENTER, SPEED : 15.000 SPH, INPRESS CONTROL, AUTOPLATE, PRESET Feeder , EXTENDED Delivery with Hot Air, Cold Air and Infra Red Dryer, COATING UNIT with Chambered Ductor Blade and Anilox Roller, ALCOLOR dampening with VARIO, Technotrans Central Refrigeration Combistar with Alcosmart AZR, Ink Temperature Control , ALL Automatic washers, Steel Plate in feeder and delivery , chromed cylinders, AIRSTAR (Air Supply Cabinet), Coating Star, Filter Star, Electronic double sheet and side lays control, Antistatic Device, Weko AP 262 PowderStar Powder Spray, 54mio impression count.


[Model] XL106-6 LX

[Year] 2015

USD 1150000

Size: 75 x 106 cm, 18,000 SPH, Dedicated tower coater with x2 extended delivery, Prinect Axis Control integrated console with WallScreen , XY spectral adjustment from the console with Closed Loop, InkStar fully automated ink metering system with CAN connection to the console , CombiStar central re-circulation and refrigeration, DryStar IR drying module, Pre-Set Plus X2 Delivery extension - Non Stop, PowderStar AP500 anti offset system, Pre-Set Feeder - Non Stop with pull side lay and ultrasonic double sheet detection and pre-loader, CleanStar powder extraction system, StaticStar anti-static system in feeder & delivery with ionizer, Air Transfer sheet travel control system, Cardboard Kit sheet travel system, Autoplate Advanced, Auto Blanket and Auto Cylinder wash, Vario dampening, Chambered doctor blade Anilox Coater, AirStar Pro air cooled air supply cabinet, 45mio impression count.

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