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2-axis φ750(φ350) P:2*6 12 partition Mitsubishi CNC S/NO.75730




Surface plate diameter:φ1000




Table:φ600 open centerφ110 pitch 6*2







Wheel Diameter : φ610 Wheel Width : 205 Overhaul is finished. (2022.08)



[Model]MH-100-K-S, CMH-100-N-S, CMH-100-N-3H


MH-100-K-S Max capacity 3.81φ~25.4φ Max spindle stroke 50 spindle speed 1100~3200 rpm stroke speed 20m/min ------------------------------------------------ CMH-100-N-S Diameter range:3.81φ~25.4φ Length Range 50mm Spindle Speed:1100~3200rpm Max Reciprocating Speed 25m/min ------------------------------- CMH-100-N-3H Max Hole dia 3.81φ~25.14φ Max hole length 60 spindle speed 1100~3200rpm max stroke speed 25 m/min ncselectric-hydraulic servo system top surface to spindle nose end 450mm




Nissin 250 tons Year 1998 12 tons heavy weight Screw 65 big shot

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