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1000 * 800 Bed size Excellent condition 0-500 spm 30 mm Stroke


[Model]HYDRAP 500


Condition: Very good dismantled Technical details: Capacity:500 T Bed size dimension: 1500 x1400mm Cutting shock damping: 5000kN Function spring tool: 200kN Quills bore in table: 49 pcs Distance quills bores in X and Y:x 150mm Y 150mm




Model: HPDZb 3150-3000/1300 YOM: 2001 Condition: Very good Technical details: Capacity: 315 ton Bed size dimensions: 3000 x 1300 mm Min. die stamping dimensions: 2000 x 866 mm Stroke: 800 mm Machine weight: 85T




EUR 240000

New in: 2001 Condition: Very good 2 pieces Technical details Press capacity: 315 T Table dimensions: 3 000 x 1 300 mm Min. die stamping dimensions: 2 000 x 866 mm Slide stroke: 800 mm Max. shut height: 1 300 mm Number of strokes per min (regulated): 13-46 Cusion capacity: 160 T Cusion stroke: 200 mm The price quoted for the 2 presses!!!




SERVOPRESS with 3-axis servo-transfer Tool weight, total max. 17000 kg Tool weight, upper part max. 8000 kg Coil reel SCHULER AC-UHL-220-1300 Leveller SCHULER AC-SH-9-70/160-1300 Serve-feed SCHULER AC-M-EHP-1300 POWERFEED 3D Servo-Transfer SCHULER AT2-M-800-500-200 Press Design drive systemservomechanic frame designH-frame, tie rod openings in uprightsyes number of suspensions2 number of slide actions1 feedstock transport directionleft to right Press forces total force (nominal)630to nominal work capacity125kNm Press Table table surface (left-right)4000mm table surface (front-back)1800mm Slide slide force630to table surface (left-right)4000mm table surface (front-back)1700mm stroke400mm stroke rate (max.)60/min slide (mechan. Press) slide adjustment300mm stroke min.80mm stroke max.400mm stroke rate (min.)3/min stroke rate (max.)60/min Tool Assembly Dimensions shut height (stroke down, adjustment up), BDC1000mm distance between columns (H-frame)4170mm passline opening (free passage in side columns)1800mm free passage between side columns (height)1600mm Overall Specifications (coil lines) sheet width max1300mm max. weight of coil14.5to feed velocity max.40m/min feedstock transport directionleft to right Coil Chair stroke630mm Decoiler designsingle reel sheet width max1300mm sheet width (min)80mm max. diameter of coil1800mm mandrel expansion range from470mm mandrel expansion range up to530mm movement2700mm Leveller Unit sheet thickness max5mm material cross section max. (450 N/mm2)2150mm² number of leveller rolls9 diameter of leveller rolls70mm distance between leveller rolls76mm number of infeed-/outfeed rolls2 diameter of feed rolls160mm loop controlsyes Strip-Feeder feeder typeroll feeder sheet width max1300mm feeding step max.600mm speed (max)2m/min band support rollsyes Transfer System distance between tools, stroke X max.800mm distance between tools, stroke X min.0mm stroke Y max.500mm stroke Y min.0mm stroke Z max.200mm stroke Z min.0mm Inner width clamping rails closed min.400mm Inner width clamping rails open max.1400mm distance press table - transfer rail min.560mm Electrical specifications mains power supply350kVA mains voltage400V mains frequency50Hz Dimensions / weights total weight approx.148000kg Attachments (presses) autom. tool clamping deviceyes decoileryes leveller unityes strip feederyes feeder typeroll feeder gripper transfer systemyes noise protection cabinyes vibration damping elements4 European CE standardsyes

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