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LDO 315

Technical details: Rated deformation force (t):315 Number of ram strokes (1/min):44 Ram stroke (mm): 200 Ram adjustment (mm): 20 Working area of bed (mm x mm):1250x900 Working area of table (mm x mm):1380x950 Passage (mm):1420 Shutheight (mm): 700 Output of main motor (kW):30 Lenght of the machine (mm):2350 Widht of the machine (mm): 2300 Height of the machine (mm): 4900 Weight of the machine (kg):27500

SELLER : Staklija UAB





Capacity: 1000 tons Stroke: 140 mm Number of strokes: 36/min Max. distance between ram and table: 630 mm Width of working area between rods: 740 mm Table plate size: 910x920 mm Ram adjustment: 15 mm Stroke of lower ejector: 140 mm Main motor power: 28 kw Rpm of main motor: 1450 U/min Total power requirement: 30 kW Air pressure needed: 6 at Dimensions of machine (length x width x height): 2100x2500x4700 mm Height above floor: 3800 mm Total weight of machine: 31000 kg




Nominal forming force: 2000 tons Slide stroke: 150 mm Shut height: 700 mm Slide adjustment: 15 mm Number of strokes 1/min: 33 mm Number of utilizable strokes 1/min: 20 Bed size: 1100x1100 mm Ram size: 850x850 mm Width between uprights: 1100 mm Stroke of top ejector: 30 mm Stroke of bottom ejector: 150 mm Main motor power: 70 kW Dimensions: 6700x4050x3500 mm Weight of press: 120000 kg


LKM 4000

Capacity: 4000 ton Ram stroke: 400 mm Number of ram strokes: 50/1 min Width between uprights: 1500 mm Shut height: 1400 mm Ram adjustment: 20 mm Table size: 1120x1600 mm Slide size: 1320x1320 mm Press height above floor: 7315 mm Press dimension: -Height: 8870 mm -Width: 6280 mm -Length: 4885 mm Main drive motor output: 220 kW Press weight: 285 ton


LLR 2000

Excellent condition. Working stroke: 150 mm Distance between columns: 1150 mm Table area: 1100 x 1100 mm Force : 2000 t Number of feeds: 32 Hub / min Pusher adjustment: 15 mm

SELLER : Allforging





Manufacturer Smeral Made in Czechoslovakia Nominal forming force 1000 tons Stroke 220 mm Ram reset 10 mm Ram area 968�~750 mm Number of strokes 100/1 min Number of utilizable strokes 35/1min Distance between posts 1040 mm Height above floor 4600�~4840 mm Bed size 1000�~950 mm Ram size 1010�~850 mm Press height 4885 mm Electric motor output 55 kW Dimensions 2540�~2930 mm Press weight 48 tons




LZK 1600P


Nominal effort: 1600 ton Course of a slider: 280 mm Slide adjustment: 10 mm Max. number of courses per 1 min: 85 mm Single courses: 30 mm Table size: 1180x1120 mm The greatest course of the top pusher: 40 mm The greatest course of the bottom pusher: 60 mm Capacity of the electric motor: 75 kW Weight: 85000 kg

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