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【❖Take a look at our video!❖】 Electromagnetic chuck table diameter:1600mm Maximum swing:1800mm Table rotation speed:3-30min-1 Grindstone head left and right movement amount:1400mm Maximum processing height:600mm Allowable table weight:3000kg Whetstone dimensions:φ610*50*φ304.8mm Grindstone shaft rotation speed:200~1200min-1 ✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, the actual product will prevail.




Electromagnetic chuck diameter:1600 Max processing height:640 Electromagnetic chuck turning speed:3~15




Gantry 3MX1.5M












BRAND : SUMITOMO Model : SE30S Specifications Capacity : 30TON Year : 1999 Made in : JAPAN Location : SINGAPORE Qty : 1 UNIT





BRAND : SUMITOMO Model : SE75S Specifications Capacity : 75TON Year : 2000 Made in : JAPAN Location : SINGAPORE Qty : 1 UNIT





Tie bar distance : 460x460mm Screw diameter: 32mm




Screw diameter: 50mm Tie bar spacing: 500x500mm Machine is high speed with accumulator used for making thin-wall products.




Tie bar distance: 460x460mm. Screw diamter: 36mm. Machine is in good running condition. Interested buyers are welcome to inspect machine anytime in our warehouse.





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