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Round:φ30~410 Rectangle:□30~410





Max cutting size:〇φ200 □H200×W240 Oblique cut Saw blade stroke:120 




SELLER :Wongtanawoot





Full auto Capacity:φ10-90 □10-80 Length:4-300 Material length:2-6m  Cutter:φ315 7.5Kw  Auto work feedfer(6m)




Capacity:Φ25-100mm □25-75mm Cutting range 10-150mm Trim cut length 10-50mm Remnant end length 25mm-100mm Saw blade outer diameter:φ360mm Saw head feed:AC servo motor + Ball screw Horizontal type Bar stock feed:AC servo motor + Ball screw Auto Loader Magazine width:800mm Material length:3.0-6.0m(when Auto feed) Max loading weight:3,000kg




Full auto Capacity:φ10-90mm □10-70mm  Cutting range:5-200mm Material length:1.6-4.2m  Blade: Hybrid Saw φ250-330*2t 514-1234rpm 7.5Kw Inverter control Auto work feeder




Full automatic Cutting dimensions:circle280/squre280*280mm Saw blade:575*45*2.25*10.1φ stroke Number of exchanges 3 2.2kw*6P

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