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Fanuc-16MB、BT40、10000rpm、ATC-30 T:600*450mm、XYZ:600*400*350mm indexing axis


[Model]YBM-950V[Sold out]


Control: Fanuc-16iM Table: 1000×500, Table capacity: 800KG Travel:XYZ:900×500×350 Table top to spindle end:200〜550 Spindle:20,000rpm,  BT40 (BBT), ATC 30 ・Lineal scale feedback (XYZ-Axis) ・Spindle center through type air coolang ・Auto.Tool length compensation and tool breakage detection ・Auto.measurement &centering device  ・Helical interpolation  ・Rigid tap  ・Hight-precision contouring control ・Accessory tools: BBT40x19unit




Fanuc-16iM  T:400x400mm BBT40 ATC120 B:0.001degree Touchprobe Tool length Chip conveyor




Fanuc-160iMB T:1500x1500mm BT50 10000rpm X*Y*Z: 2100*1800*1500 B-axis NC rotary ATC180 2APC




Fanuc-15M S(XYZ):700×600×650 T:500×500mm 10APC ATC240




Fanuc-150MB □630×2APC ATC-120 X-850 Y-750 Z-700 T-index:1° 200~18,000rpm BT-40 Table load:1200Kg Workable maximum diameter:φ900 Spindle through coolant device(3.5MPa) Aircraft temperature control device Coolatnt oil temperature control device  HEIDENHAIN Scale feed back X Y Z axis High speed high precision processing HAS-1 Automatic measurement & Centering device  Tool automatic correction breakage detection function MASCOT mini Registerable program 1000  Tool life management 600 pairs  Helical cutting Rigid TAP Data server  Common variable number 100 pairs Tool compansation 200 pairs Chip conveyor




Fanuc 31i-MODELA5 ATC32 BT50 Dual Contact T: 1800×1200 10000rpm Gate Width 1480 S: 1800×1200×1200 (option) Optial Scale feedback XYZ axes Center Through Flood Coolant (3.5MPa) 1-axis Additional Functions (A-axis NIKKEN Rotary Table CNC601FA) Tool Breakage Detection (BLUM NT-H)


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