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  your request about lathe  (No. 2510)
Russia 2018-08-06 20:32:13
  Used Conventional Lathe Machine required  (No. 2509)
India,Manchanda 2018-08-03 20:05:50
your request about lathe (No. 2510)  2018-08-06 20:32:13
Username: Russia
Dear Sir,

We are interested in cooperate with your company.

Stankotrading Ltd. company with more than 15 years experience on the market of machine tools.
Please check our updated list of metal-working equipment ready for delivery.

Current HOT STOCK offers:

Heavy Duty Lathe 1A660
turning dia 1250 x turning length 6300 mm KZTS
Vertical Turret Lathe 1525
turning diameter 2500 x turning height 1600 mm SEDIN
Vertical Turret Lathe CNC 1525
turning diameter 2500 x turning height 1600 mm SEDIN
Vertical Turret Lathe KCF-320A
turning diameter 3500 x turning height 1850 mm RAFAMET
Horizontal Boring Machine BFKP130
X-3000 Y-2000 Z-1000 W-850 U-280 mm UNION
Spiral Bevel Gear Cutting Machine GLEASON type 5A284
diameter of crown gear till 1600 mm x module 30
Gear grinding machine for spiral bevel gears 5A872
workpiece diameter 800 mm x module 16 STANKO
Gear grinder RZ300E
workpiece diameter 300 mm x module 5 REISHAUER
Double action stamping press PD2 HH 400+250 TS
table size 3200 x 2000mm ERFURT

Delivery of machinery is supported by Chamber of Commerce, delivery terms are INCOTERMC-2010 CIF, DAF, FOB etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Yours sincerely,
Vladimir Pushkarev
185, 180/198 Posadskogo str., Saratov, 410005 Russia
Tel./FAX: +7 (8452) 21-40-83
+7-906-150-94-49 Mobile
+7-917-549-92-99 WhatsApp

Used Conventional Lathe Machine required (No. 2509)  2018-08-03 20:05:50
Username: India,Manchanda
Conventional Lathe Machine
Length 7 to 8 meters
Centre height 1000 mm

Kindly forward your offers along with the following details
Make of machine
Year of mfg
images of lathe from different angles
images showing the bed slides and condition if any chips marks are there
working video
no of steady rest . follow rest
acc along with the lathe
Weight of the machine
Manuals of the machine
what is the present state of the lathe working or dismantled

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